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SKU : 40106-1

Special Features:

  • Natural Inspired
  • Geometry Elements
  • Lively 3D Wall Covering
  • Modern Rustic Design
  • High Quality
  • Made in Korea
Rs. 3000 3500

There is nothing like bringing together the elements of bricks and wood into a home. Nature inspired wall designs offer a solid point upon which the rest of the room may be grounded. The wallpaper adds a sense of history, permanence, and stability to what otherwise can be drab and boring walls.

Wallpaper jumps out at anyone entering a room, instantly drawing the eye while attesting to the owner’s good taste. On top of not needing the type of maintenance traditional walls sometimes require, wallpapers provide a generous, forgiving canvas that goes a long way toward creating the type of impression you are hoping to convey to your visitors. With that in mind, the Assemble Collection of Wallpaper was created. Inspired by nature and built for home and BRINGING SPACE TO REALITY


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